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Why to invest in Berlin ?

Berlin Real Estate Market is Undervalued

Property prices continue to be lower than most other major cities in the European Union. According to Numbeo.com, the mean price for an apartment building within the city center is €3,339/m2 which is 272% less than London, 198% less than Paris and 167% less than in Milan.

The price for square meter increased by 57 % in last four years and by 8% in the last year.

Berlin Rental Rates are Increasing Rapidly

Traditionally, property in Berlin is rented, only 18% of the Berlin population own their
own Berlin property. However as rents increase around 10% in the last year and
around 29 % in the last four years and more residents are opting to buy their own
Berlin Properties, rental prices will rise accordingly. Also foreign investment companies
are snapping up large amounts of property in Berlin. This is therefore an extremely
good time to climb onto the Berlin real estate market.

Population Growth

Census statistics for Berlin indicate that there is a population growth of 15,000
households annually. This migratory growth rate shows no signs of declining. New
construction has been insufficient to handle this influx.

Job creation

Berlin’s tech firms create a sense of belonging. A McKinsey report quoted by NestPick
estimates that Berlin startups will create over 100,000 jobs by 2020.

Record-holder for 22 million overnight tourists

Berlin’s tourism industry is in a boom and it is now considered as one of the must-seeand-
visit cities in the entire world. Berlin holds the record for 22.4 million overnight
stays and 9.9 million visitors and thousands of hostels and hotel have been built to
supply and answer to the high demand of visitors.

Purchasing Power

Local purchasing power is 59% higher in Berlin than in London. It should be noted that
over the next few years, it is anticipated that the purchasing power will drop as rental
rates continue to increase.

Europe’s hottest real estate investment market



Berlin has risen to be a top
contender in the European real
estate investor market. The PWC
Emerging Trends in Real Estate
2015 report for Europe, places
Berlin in first place as the best city
with investment prospects. As
Berlin races to catch up with other
major cities in the EU, investors